Under the covering of Vineyard Missions, SURGE 2009- Costa Rica is contracted for short term coverage with Seven Corners through Good Neighbor Insurance. Click the link "program summary" below which outlines all the benefits on this plan. Below that are the instruction on how to apply online.

It is easy to enroll online for your travel insurance. Just click here and/or follow the directions below.

1. Go to the Good Neighbor Insurance/Seven Corners website at www.missionaryinsurance.org

2. Half way down the center of the home page, click on "Group logon for existing/contracted groups" under "FOR SHORT-TERM TEAM COVERAGE."

3. Enter your private code: Z9KZHFBT

4. Once on the new page, type in a. the number of people you're registering for; b. the date of departure (July 3); and, c. the date of arrival back (July 11).  Hit "Submit".

5. When you get to the next page you must click on under "Default coverage" click "change all" When the window opens make sure there is a dot on the left side under "Edit coverage" next to the medical maximum ($250,000/$250) and submit.

6.  Your screen will say all units will be reset with this coverage. Click on OK

7. Continue to fill the applicant information in. After you enter the individual team members names, there is an option that says "Organization/Team Information" This is where you can enter the trip name (SURGE 2009- Costa Rica) and the destination (Costa Rica). You can put whatever you want in that area in order to help you categorize your teams.

8. If you need to cancel or make a name correction to a team, you will still need to contact us via fax or e-mail.

9. If you need to add another person to the team after you have applied for the original team, just input them into the online application site, using the same team name with the words "Add-on" after it.
Travel Insurance for Surge 2009- Costa Rica